Hello Capt’n Bill’s Family!  We continue to miss you guys SO much!  The facility being empty while the sun is shining is a very disheartening sight.  We continue to hold on to knowing this will all be over soon and we will be able to see your smiling, sweaty faces again!  We have no new updates this week.  We continue to postpone league.  Once we receive the all clear, you will receive word via our website, social media and bracket pal that we are GAME ON!  We will be sure to give Captains as much notice as possible to gather their teams together and regroup for the season.  Another reminder, all league staff have been sent home so please table your league questions for now.  We hope to bring them back soon to get everything ready to roll.  You can continue to support us by ordering take out.  We are offering our full menu Monday-Friday 4-7pm and Saturday 12-5pm.  We also have our food truck going out daily to various locations.  Thank you for your continued support and heartfelt messages.  We are pushing through this knowing we will see you all soon!