COVID-19 update

Per Governor Cooper’s latest order we have some updates for our customers and league players.  Capt’n Bill’s staff will continue to practice all the sanitary and social distancing practices that we have already put into place. However, we will also add the following: 

  • The inside deck bar will not be open for customers but will be utilized for curbside pick up 
  • The inside deck will be open for restroom use only by patrons/league members and a mask will be required when you enter 
  • All seating/dining will be outside 

This latest order requires a mandatory face covering while inside or outside when social distancing of 6 feet is not possible.  Per the order, we will now require league members and patrons to wear a face covering during the following instances: 

  • Entering the interior facility (inside deck) to use the restroom 
  • If you are waiting to use the restroom, you must wear a mask or wait outside while appropriately social distancing 
  • When you are unable to social distance (6 feet apart) 

We ask that when your team is sitting or you are dining, utilize the space we are fortunate enough to have in the facility and space yourselves out.  Mingling amongst your team and friends is fine, but intermingling with other teams is discouraged.  Please continue to utilize the sanitation stations around the facility as well as the spray bottles placed at each court.  

We encourage you to continue to eat and drink at our facility but please remember if you are not actively eating or drinking, and you are unable to maintain social distancing your face covering must be on. 

We are following the Governor’s order and striving to keep our staff, customers and players safe while enjoying our facility.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in our facility having to close.  Please do your best to abide by the guidelines set forth.  Thank you and stay safe!