Re-Opening Plans

First, we want to thank you so much for your continued support through your kind words, pick up orders, hosting and visiting the food truck.  You will never truly understand how much you have helped us through this extremely difficult time.  We know everyone has had a tough time with the continued battle of COVID-19, some more so than others.  For those of you who have lost your jobs or had your hours reduced, we are thinking of you and hope life returns to normal for you soon.

As we continue to be transparent through this ordeal, we want to begin with some numbers. Since having to move to curbside food service, we have had to lay off 22 employees on the restaurant side.  We also had to let go of all of our referees as league came to a halt.  All on and off-site caterings for the months of March, April and May have cancelled. Our revenue was reduced to 20% of our typical revenue at this time of the year.  We have been forced to make the choice to pay bills or pay employees we needed to keep to generate that 20%.  We have researched every grant/loan option provided by the government and accepted what we could in order to keep our doors open and pay the staff we were able to keep.  To say it’s been a little stressful for everyone involved is an understatement.  

The staff we were able to keep have gone above and beyond to help us.  We hope they know how much they mean to us and how much more like a family we have all become through this.  The staff we had to send home have continued to check in, and are ready and eager to come back to work when we can re-open.  We do plan on bringing staff back as safely as possible, so please bare with us as it may feel as though we are short staffed at times while opening.

So, with some hesitation and a little anxiety, we want to discuss re-opening.  We, obviously, have no control over when we can re-open.  That date will be decided by the Governor and County Commissioners.  However, we can plan ahead based on the updates we are receiving.  Our re-opening plans WITH LEAGUE are listed below.  If you have questions, please reach out to us so we can clarify anything you may not understand.  Note that we are not at full staffing, so you may need to leave a message and may not hear back right away.  We will do our best to return calls, facebook messages, and emails in a timely manner.


Based on Governor Cooper’s latest announcement on April 24th, we plan on opening courts for pick-up play once Phase 1 is initiated.  Patrons WILL NOT be able to show up and jump on a court.  If you plan on playing pick up, you will need to call ahead and reserve a court (no fee for league members), as well as tell us how many people will be playing on your designated court.  We will not allow more than 8 people to play on each court during Phase 1.  You will not be permitted to congregate inside on the deck and we will be monitoring the courts to ensure everyone is following the rules we are setting for Phase 1.  We will allow for pick up play Monday-Friday from 2:00 – until dark and Saturdays from 12:00 – until dark.  Our restrooms will be available for you to use, but no on-site alcohol consumption or food consumption can occur.  We will not allow outside food or beverages to be brought in (other than water bottles) and ask that you pick up after yourselves when you are finished playing.  You will be permitted to order TOGO food & alcohol before you leave the facility and we will continue with call ahead & curbside pick up.


Depending on the date Governor Cooper initiates Phase 2, we will open courts for organized Pre-Season Tournament and Pick Up Play.  SUMMER I League will begin Sunday, June 7th.  Early games will begin at 4:30 and late games will begin at 6:45.  Monday, June 8th, we will continue with league at normal times, 6:30 and 8:45, through the rest of the week.  League will continue for the normal 10 week period with tournament week beginning Sunday, August 9th.  


Jonny, League Director, will be contacting each Team Captain to discuss our re-opening plans and how each team would like to move forward beginning the week of April 27th.

If you signed up and paid for Spring League, AND YOU WISH TO PLAY IN SUMMER I LEAGUE, you will be transitioned to Summer I with your existing nightly spot reserved and paid in full.  

If you signed up and paid for Spring League, AND WISH FOR A REFUND, please have your Team Captain contact or discuss with Jonny when he reaches out to each of you.  If you choose this option, we will refund your league fee and remove you from the league.

We will be re-opening sign-ups for Summer I and prices will be increasing.  If you paid for Spring League and are choosing to have your league payment rolled over into Summer I you WILL NOT pay the increased league fee. 

Summer II and Fall Leagues will be pushed back based on our ability to re-open and we will update and inform you of those sign up dates and seasons via our website and social media.

Re-opening league may look a little different, just as our day-to-day lives will look a little different as the Country and State re-open.  Please be considerate of our requests, as we will only make requests based on recommendations from the County and to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.  We will be sharing the precautions our facility will be taking in a separate announcement as our re-opening date gets closer.

We cannot wait to see your sweaty, sandy faces soon!  Thank you for your continued support!

The Musser Family