Referee Of The Month – March 2022

Where to start with this homeboy!?!? A true Capt’n Bill’s staple, Will has been playing and reffing out here since the early 2000’s. He is active in the community, runs Mustaches 4 Kids annual volleyball and cornhole tournament that has raised $100k’s for local children’s charities, he also runs surf competitions at our local beaches. Over the Winter league he was the head ref out at indoor and picked up shifts for other referees a few times a week here at Bill’s. He is the paragon of laidback professionalism that seems to have life figured out. I saw him bowl 5 straight strikes bowling, he can shred the gnar, lay down a halfpipe, razzle dazzle in the sand, and somehow doesn’t age. You already know him, but make sure to give him a nod when you see him out here. People like Will make Capt’n Bill’s what it is.