Stock Up On BBQ Sauce!

Summer is here and it’s grillin’ and chillin’ season!  Be sure to stock up on Musser’s BBQ sauce for your outdoor cooking!  Our sauce pairs well with just about anything including chicken, fish and pork!  Dip and grill or use it as a marinade.  It’s a crowd pleasure for sure!  Here is one of our favorite recipes:

Southern Style Chicken

bottle of Musser’s sauce


chicken breasts

salt and pepper

Pour Musser’s sauce into a bowl.  Be sure grill is hot and ready to go.  With tongs, dip chicken breast in sauce and place on the grill.  Add salt and pepper to the breast.  Let breast cook 10 minutes.  When it’s time to flip, pick breast up with tongs and dip in sauce once again before placing the other side on the grill.  Salt and pepper flipped side.  Cook an additional 10 minutes.  Serve with your favorite side (our favorite is mac n cheese)!

Musser’s BBQ sauce is available in two sizes:  regular 17 oz bottle or half gallon size for $6.95 and $19.95 respectively.  You can purchase at Capt’n Bill’s or call 910-762-0173 for an order to be shipped.