Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to beach volleyball, you need to get in on our Summer I volleyball league!

Nothing is more fun that a hot summer’s night under the lights in the sand with a cold beverage.  Capt’n Bill’s is such a social facility that it’s hard to leave.  We offer all skill levels so there is no excuse for not putting your toes in the sand!  Whether you are the skilled competitive athlete or just the “have a few drinks and play” type, we have a spot for you!

Sign-ups begin on Sunday, April 28th, in-person, from 1-4 pm at Capt’n Bill’s.  When you sign up in-person, your team saves $20 off processing fees.  Online sign ups begin Monday, April 29th at

The Summer I volleyball season is our largest, most fun season, with 2’s, 4’s, and 6-man coed leagues offered.  Play with friends, colleagues, co-workers or if you’re new to the area, sign up as a sub on Bracketpal so you can get picked up on a team looking for an additional player.  Play for Summer I is scheduled to begin the week of May 19 and goes through July 26.

Call Capt’n Bill’s and speak with Garrett if you need help navigating the site or if you need help getting connected, 910-762-0173.  We look forward to seeing you out here this summer!